Homemade Pesto | Quarantine Kitchen
Nutty, cheesy and lush Pesto, perfect for any paste or as a dip
Servings Prep Time
1jar 20mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
1jar 20mins
Cook Time
  • 2tbsp pine nutsAlternatively use walnuts or pistachios or almonds.
  • 250ml extra virgin olive oilI used Filippo Berio. Use some more if you find the pesto is dry.
  • 2cloves garlicpeeled and chopped coarsely
  • 250gm basil leavesTry and use only the leaves and remove the stalks of the leaves as much as you can
  • 1tsp dried red chilli flakesOptional
  • 1/2tsp crushed black pepperOptional
  • 20gm Parmesan cheesegrated. Alternatively you can use mature cheddar cheese or Gouda too
  • 20gm Pecorino cheesegrated
  • A little squeeze of lemon juiceOptional
  • Pinch of salt
Recipe Notes
  1. Toast the pine nuts in a pan on low heat. The nuts should get lightly browned. Then take them off the pan, and cool completely. If using other nuts, then follow the same procedure.
  2. Transfer the nuts to a blender and with one whizz lightly crush them. We don’t want to make a fine powder. 
  3. Now add the rest of the ingredients to the blender along with the oil, and blend to make a coarse pesto. Add additional extra virgin olive oil if you find the pesto is too dry.
  4. Transfer the pesto to a dry air tight jar and season well with salt and pepper.
  5. Seal to store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Although this is best served fresh.